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A Message from the Owners

“It’s not too often you are granted the opportunity to completely change an industry, not to mention an industry that helps countless people live better, healthier lives.

When we realized the economic pressures being put on everyday CBD users, we knew we had to do something. The price of wholesale CBD kept dropping, and average consumers were still spending upwards of $80 on a 1 oz 1500mg CBD tincture. 

It became a personal problem when our we realized how expensive it was to maintain the CBD doses we needed to receive the benefits of CBD – and that’s just us – we benefit from CBD but we don’t NEED it like many of our customers do. We believe health should be accessible to all. We don’t think it’s okay that companies are charging so much for a product that comes from one of the most common plants in the world. The CBD industry sort of reminds us of the pharmaceutical companies – looking out for their pockets, not their patients – and this is something we intend to change. 

Enter MN Nice Botanicals.

Tad and I made the decision to put everything we had into making this wonderful plant medicine available, accessible, and affordable for ALL! We spent over a year getting everything together, making sure we had the ability to not only provide the most exceptional prices in the industry, but that our products are top of the line in quality, and potency. 

We opened our doors in September of 2019 – and since then we’ve really seen the type of impact a business like this can have.

As of today, we are small, but with your help we hope to be the premier CBD business, changing the CBD landscape, one customer at a time.

Thanks for joining our MN Nice Family.”

– Christian Rasmussen – CFO/Co-Owner

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