About Us

Who Are We?

We are just a couple of Nice Minnesotans trying to show the world what MN Nice is all about.

Simply put, we thought CBD was too expensive, so in 2019 we decided to do something about it.  

After a year of diligent research on CBD and its market, we discovered a large price difference between wholesale and retail CBD prices. 

We felt that unreasonably high prices kept the consumer market from expanding, and hindered many from being able to use CBD as a regular supplement. Affordable CBD just wasn’t an option.

In an effort to make CBD products more affordable and available to more customers, we offer our products at the lowest prices we can afford!  

Why We’re Nicer

Aside from our MN Nice prices…

All of our CBD is personally vetted from Hemp grown in the USA.

All of our products are handcrafted in small batches, with high quality ingredients, right here in MN.

Quality control is of the utmost priority to us. All of our CBD is tested for heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents and other impurities, and all our products are tested to ensure cannabinoid content.

As of today, we are a small two person operation with independent contractors as sales people.

We donate 5% of our profits to MN based charities.

We’re in this business for you, our customer. We intend to consistently offer you the highest quality, most affordable CBD products on the market.

It isn’t just a cool name, MN Nice is who we are – it’s in our bones, it’s in our blood.

We believe the whole world could benefit from a little ‘MN Nice’ and we’re excited to be able to share that with you.

Christian Rasmussen

Born and raised in the northern Suburbs of the Twin Cities, Christian Rasmussen attended Saint Paul Academy private school through 8th grade before transferring to White Bear Lake Public schools, where Tad and him met. After completing a year of college for physics in 2010, Christian decided he wanted to pursue a different path, and dropped out to dive into the Real Estate Industry. By 2014 he had successfully completed his first three property flips and decided to expand into rental properties. By 2017 Christian had amassed 5 rental properties from the initial start-up capital he used to flip his first home, 3 of which were purchased with 0 money down, using creative financing strategies and an intense focus and dedication (they don’t call it ‘hard’ money for no reason!), all the while he actively practiced RE as an investment Realtor, helping countless individuals and businesses purchase and sell investment properties. Christian got married in 2018 and spent the year travelling the country. In 2019, Tad and Christian began MN Nice Botanicals to provide affordable, high quality CBD products for all. 

Tad Hansen

Born and raised in the Northern Suburbs of the Twin Cities, Tad jumped around public schools throughout his teenage years. Young and adventurous, he moved to New Mexico right out of High School, living in a hostel for a year, working for ski resorts during Winter and for property management companies during the warmer months. Tad moved to Vail Colorado for a year to enjoy snowboarding in the mountains before moving back to MN to work on roofing with family. While in Vail, Colorado legalized Cannabis, and Tad was able to see what the legalization did to a small town like Vail. Although Vail was short lived, the experience reignited a lifelong dream to not only make a living in the cannabis industry, but to bring that to his home state. Finally, Tad moved to California where he operated a bobcat for 2 years, making connections and learning everything he could. Upon returning to MN that Tad brought up to Christian, his lifelong friend, the idea of starting a CBD company to bring affordable CBD to an industry whose prices were unreasonably inflated. After a year of dilligence and preparation, MN Nice Botanicals opened their doors to customers in October of 2020.