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New Blueberry Cheescake CBD Isolate Tincture Flavor!

We are excited to announce a new flavor to our Local CBD Isolate line, Blueberry Cheescake!

Blueberry Cheescake CBD Isolate Tincture!

We really went all out with this one! Finding the right flavor for CBD Isolate tinctures takes time and effort. Our Minnesota based CBD products are the talk of the town here in the Twin Cities, and we think this flavor will propell us to new heights.

This isn’t your typical flavoring. The Blueberry Cheescake CBD Flavor is a notch above the rest; complex and fruity, savory and smooth. The taste of CBD is complex in and of itself, florally and sweet, and sometimes with a bite that lingers on the tastebuds. We found this Blueberry Cheescake flavor while experimenting around with new possibilities and it really sent our tastebuds on a ride! Our Local Twin Cities CBD line will never be the same with this new addition, we just hope you’ll continue to purchase our original flavors as well! Rave reviews have been coming in from our tests, and we are excited to now offer it to the public!

Not only do we offer the most affordable CBD products, we offer flavors that are different and fun, keeping your CBD experience new and exciting. With a strong Blueberry taste upfront, and a smooth cheescake taste at the finish, this flavor melds perfectly with our CBD Isolate and creates a flavor profile that will have you coming back for more!

Try it straight out of the bottle, or mix it in with sparkling water for a real refreshing treat!

Buy below for 10% off your purchase, valid through 6/21/21

For a limited time, you can purchase our Local CBD Isolate line’s Blueberry Cheescake flavor for 10% off! A nice discount on our already extremely affordable CBD tincture line.

We’re excited to continue offering new products and new and exciting variants to our existing CBD Isolate and CBD Full Spectrum lines.

Click the button below to buy our Blueberry Flavored Minnesota Local CBD Isolate Tincture. Just choose the blueberry cheescake option, and pick the size you want!

10% off through 6/21/21

Leave us a comment on the product when you’ve tried yours! We’d love to hear what you think!

And as always, thanks for being a part of our MN Nice Family!

Christian Rasmussen – MN Nice Botanicals

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