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Ways to help us market and earn free product!

We are looking for help marketing!

We’re always looking for ways to spread the word about our affordable CBD products. Nothing beats word of mouth, so we have come up with a few ways for you, our customer, to help us spread the word and get some pretty sweet kickbacks while you’re at it!

Here are 3 ways you can help out our company, help more people gain access to affordable CBD, and get free product or discounts!

1. Post on Instagram – Free 1oz Isolate Salve OR 25% off for you and your friends coupon valid for 6 months! – It’s simple, just post a picture of you using our products on your instagram, or post a story reel (video) of you explaining what you like about our products, be sure to tag us (@MNNiceBotanicals), and be sure to voice how our products help you, and how affordable and high quality our CBD products are compared to other companies. Once you’ve posted, let us know by emailing us at Send us your user name and when you posted and we will send you your 25% off discount code to be shared with friends and family, valid for 6 months!

2. Post on Facebook – One time 50% off entire order code! – Post a picture on facebook of our products (bonus if it’s you using our products!) to receive your 50% off code! Just tag us in the post (MNNiceBotanicals) and be sure to voice how the product helps you, and how we offer the most affordable CBD on the market without sacrificing quality! Once you’ve posted, email a link to the post to and we will respond with your one time 50% off code!

3. Comment on a reddit post in R/CBD – FREE 750mg Isolate Tincture OR 50% off code valid for 6 months! – Go to the CBD subreddit and comment on a post, directing people to us! Make sure you’re actually responding to the posters question, but end the comment by telling the poster and other commenters about MN Nice Botanicals and how affordable yet high quality our products are! Email us at with a link to the post and your reddit username (so we can verify it’s you), and let us know whether you want a free salve or tincture or 50% off discount code valid for 6 months!
If you do all three, we will throw in a free 1500mg Isolate Tincture! 

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more opportunities to earn free product or discount codes! Thank you for helping us spread the word of affordable CBD, and thank you for being a part of our MN Nice Family!

All the best, 
Christian Rasmussen – MN Nice Botanicals

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