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MN Nice Botanicals – Your source for Local, Affordable CBD

We wanted to take a little time to explain a little more about who we are and why we believe we are the best, local CBD supplier in the Twin Cities, and even the best CBD supplier in the United States.

We started MN Nice Botanicals with the hopes of making CBD Affordable for all. Not only did we want to make CBD affordable in our Local Twin Cities Area, but we wanted to supply affordable CBD to the Midwest, the United States, and even the world.

We’ve found the CBD market is filled with a lot of greed. Many suppliers and producers of Local CBD, and suppliers and producers of CBD all over the world and country, are in it entirely for the money and don’t really care about their products or their customers; Many CBD manufacturers and Suppliers are marking up products by 5, 10, even 20 times their original purchase cost! We’ve really dialed in our entire CBD Product Manufacturing process to keep our CBD Affordable to manufacture, and not only that, but we also only mark up enough for us to make money to keep the business going. Hence, our Affordable CBD for all, Motto.

All of our Local CBD Products are manufactured in house to keep cost down. In fact, in these early stages of our business development, all of our CBD products are manufactured in MY house, to keep costs at a bare minimum, so we can pass the Affordable CBD onto you, our customer.

Product quality is another issue that seems to be hurting the CBD industry. Studies have shown that CBD products are notoriously mislabeled, and one of the most common complaints we heard from Twin Cities CBD Users is that they didn’t know exactly what they were getting in their CBD products. Here at MN Nice Botanicals, your Local CBD Product manufacturer and distributor, we test all of our products for potency, and test all of our CBD for heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and the like. These tests are on our website and are tied to a QR code on each individual bottle, laying out each individual products contents, and giving you the peace of mind you need to make an informed CBD purchase.

Our CBD comes from farms we trust, with sustainable farming practices, and with owners that have similar like minds to us. They want to help the world see affordable CBD as well and are happy to give us the best deals possible to make our Affordable Local Twin Cities CBD dream a reality.

Whether you’re looking for a Minnesota CBD Supplier, a Twin Cities CBD Supplier, a Midwest CBD Supplier, a United States CBD Supplier, or even a worldly CBD Supplier, you can rest comfortably knowing that MN Nice Botanicals has your back the entire process, from affordability, to product quality, to great owners that want the best for their customers and the industry, MN Nice Botanicals is gearing up to become the premier CBD distributor for the entire globe.

Thank YOU for being a part of the MN Nice Family!

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